Restoring Old Furniture

We Love Refinishing Old Wood Furniture

The art of refinishing old wood furniture and other wooden antiques is something we have a passion for as we restore and conserve antique furniture. If you want us to refurbish a piece, it will be restored to its original condition or as close to it as possible, so it keeps the old style and look. Conservation is where we preserve the object in its current form and prevent further damage or deterioration. Clients may prefer conservation as it keeps the integrity of the original piece intact.

conservation of furniture

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Restoring Old Wood Furniture

To restore a piece of wooden furniture, we will first have to analyse the style and products used on the wood, and we can then move forward from there. Here is what a typical restoration entails:

  • If you prefer to simply give your piece a new look, we can use the French Polishing technique to provide it with a glossy surface. Finally, we hand-apply shellac to protect the wood and to give it a shiny look.
  • We take our time to precisely determine what techniques were used on your furniture to accurately recreate antique finishes and give it a more modern look and feel if you want it to fit in with your current style.
  • Every piece we get to repair, we treat with the respect that it deserves. Having seen many centuries, perhaps, it needs to be treated with care, which is why we apply, turn and colour match by hand, so no harsh machinery touches the wood.

Owning an antique piece of furniture is a gift and an honour, and we will do all we can to refurbish your old wood furniture so you can enjoy it and it can match the rest of your house as far as possible, for as long as possible.


Tips Regarding Choosing Furniture Restorers

Depending on the type of wood and style of the antique furniture, more complicated repairs may be necessary, but we will discuss timeframes and cost beforehand. After we have inspected the piece, we’ll know how much work will go into restoring old furniture. When you choose a furniture refurbisher, it is essential to look out for a few things:

restoring old wood furniture

  • What are their services? You can’t just take an antique to any furniture refurbisher and expect they will know how to treat an antique and the processes and the techniques involved to keep its style and integrity intact. So, make sure you choose an accredited antique refurbisher.
  • What tools do they use? For example, do they only use machinery to get the job done quickly instead of attention to detail that only hand care can bring to a piece?
  • Part of repair or refurbishing is also to stay in contact with the client. And to be sure at all times that you deliver on what the customer asked for, be it watermark removal, colour matching, waxing or polishing.

Ultimately, you entrust us with your special piece of furniture that is not just an antique but may be an heirloom that has sentimental value to you, and you need it to be cared for while out of your sight. We understand the value, and we find joy in restoring or conserving a piece to look old but new again.

About Nikolaus Teply Restorations

Nick Teply has a passion for cabinetmaking that spilled over into the restoring of antique pieces. He is accredited by the Goering Institute of Restoration and Conservation of Wooden Objects in Munich as a state-accredited furniture restorer and conserver. Contact us to discuss the work needed on your refurbished antique furniture.