Antique Furniture Restoration Sydney

The Most Reliable Antique Furniture Restoration Sydney-Wide at Your Service

At Nikolaus Teply Restorations, we understand that we are working with pieces of furniture that are between some decades to several centuries old. These items are handcrafted from materials with characteristics so unique to each piece that they are almost impossible to duplicate. We understand some of these pieces are passed on through families and have lived entire lives of their own. That chair, that stool, and that table each tell their own stories, and that is why we understand how important it is to restore and conserve these precious sentimental pieces.

We offer antique furniture restoration around Sydney, ensuring that no matter your location, we can reach out and restore the memories attached to your, for example, great-grandmother’s ball and claw dining room set and allow it to see the next century.


The Importance of Antique Furniture Repairs

Antique furniture restorers are a dying breed. With their skilled hands these artisans keep history alive in our houses. We need to sit back and reflect on the value of these antiques before turning to sell them online.

  • Antique restorers work hard to restore your heirloom so that it retains its value. So many items today are manufactured from modern materials and have a limited life span compared to antique furniture
  • It is by far more eco-friendly to restore your beautiful old pieces than purchasing new furniture if you can simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint and support a good cause.


What You Can Expect From Nikolaus Teply Restorations

We enjoy restoring your antique furniture and we look forward to share with you what we know, providing you with only the best service.

  • We use a combination of both traditional and modern techniques in our restoration and conservation processes
  • These processes include French polishing, reproducing antique finishes, colour matching, veneer work and structural repairs. Please contact us for any more specific restoration and conservation processes.
  • Other services we offer are repairs to contemporary furniture and advice on caring for your antique furniture. We can provide you with complete documentation and photography and assist with upholstery to add that final touch.


About Nikolaus Teply Restorations

Nick Teply, a second-generation cabinetmaker, moved to Australia in 1996. He completed a traditional apprenticeship in Germany and three years of dedicated study at the Goering Institute of Restoration and Conservation of Wooden Objects in Munich. In 2002 he opened his workshop in Sydney, where he continues to follow his passion of restoring and conserving furniture.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.