Antique Restoration in Sydney

Everything You Need to Know About Antique Restoration near Sydney

Owning an antique piece of furniture can become a big responsibility when it comes to ensuring that it stays in perfect condition. You may find that from time to time your furniture may require restoration; this can be anything from professionally removing dirt and grime or more work such as repairs and partial or complete refinishing. Ensure that you use a professional company with experience in antique restoration near Sydney. At Nikolaus Teply Restorations, we have been restoring furniture for many years. We have the required experience and knowledge to ensure that your antique pieces are restored to its original glory and will last for many more years.

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Benefits of Antique Furniture Restoration

When you own an antique table or other furniture that needs a little TLC, you should consider restoration an option. Conservers have studied the art of giving new life to old furniture and know the right techniques for things such as antique chair restoration. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you choose to restore your current furniture:

  • Maintaining your furniture. Having your antique furniture restored can prolong its lifespan while keeping it in pristine condition. This is especially essential when there are loose joints, missing pieces or worn-out areas on the item.
  • Eco friendly. While it might not be cheaper to restore your furniture compared to buying new items, restoring your furniture is eco-friendly. Instead of cutting down more trees to manufacture new furniture, you can simply restore your current pieces and help conserve the planet.
  • Investment. Well-maintained antique furniture is considered an investment by many people. As the furniture ages, its value can increase. If you plan on passing these pieces down to your children or grandchildren, you’ll want to ensure that they’re in pristine condition.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Wooden Furniture or Vintage Dresser Restoration

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Restoring antique furniture is an art and you should get someone with the necessary training to perform the task correctly. Tasks such as vintage dresser restoration can be quite tricky and  you may end up damaging your furniture beyond repair. Here are some mistakes people often make and how you can avoid them:

  • Trying DIY. When it comes to restoring your furniture, many people believe they can do it themselves. Still, without the proper knowledge, tools, and experience, this may result in your furniture becoming damaged.
  • Going cheap. While we all want to save money wherever we can, you shouldn’t compromise the integrity of your furniture by using the cheapest restorer you can find.
  • Not reading reviews. Going online and reading the reviews about the different restorers in your area can assist you with deciding on which company you should use. You can also ask the company if you can see their previous work.


Key Questions to Ask Us Regarding the Conservation of Furniture

If you’ve never had your furniture restored, you can research the topic, or you can simply visit us, and we will answer all your questions before restoring your item. Here are some questions you should remember to ask:

  • Is my piece of furniture worth restoring? Although you may love a particular piece of your wooden furniture, it may cost more to fix it than replace it. But, apart from the financial value you should also consider the sentimental value. Ask your restorer if you should repair or replace the piece.
  • Can you customise the item? Sometimes people want to modify or completely change some aspects of their furniture; you can find out if it’s possible to do so.


What You Should Know About the Restoration of Furniture

Not everyone has the knowledge or know-how when it comes to furniture restoration. Here are a few things you should know about this process:

Vintage Dresser Restoration

  • It takes time. While your restorer will give you an estimated date of when your furniture will be ready, you need to be flexible as it may take longer than expected.
  • Be realistic about your expectations. You may have a picture in your mind of what your furniture will look like once restored, although you need to remember that sometimes it may not be possible to have it done exactly as you want it.
  • Not all furniture can be restored. Although you may have your heart set on having a particular piece of furniture repaired or restored, in very rare cases it may not be possible to do so.


Why Trust Nikolaus Teply Restorations Regarding Antique Restoration of Furniture

With more than two decades in the vintage furniture restoration industry, we have established our name as one of the leading restorers in Sydney. German native Nick Teply discovered his love for craftsmanship during his training as a traditional cabinetmaker. After completing three years of studying restoration and conservation of wooden furniture, he became a fully accredited furniture restorer and conserver. All repairs and restorations are done on site and thoroughly checked to present you with a piece of furniture you can proudly display in your home. Nick uses modern and traditional techniques in his restoration and conversation process. While his primary focus is that of antique furniture, he offers his customers the opportunity to design their fine furniture, which he then makes. Before we work on your furniture, we will give you a detailed quote so you can decide if you want to go ahead with the restoration.

For more information about the services you can expect from Nikolaus Teply Restorations, contact us now.