Antique Repairs Sydney

Background to Antique Repairs in Sydney

Our business to offer antique repairs in Sydney started with Nick Teply’s creative journey across Germany. Coming from Bavaria, Germany, Nick underwent extensive training as a traditional cabinetmaker in the 1980s, after which he decided to pursue his passion for restoration and conservation. Nick went on to study full time at the Goering Institute of Restoration and Conservation of Wooden Objects in Munich for three years before moving to Australia in 1996.

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What Sets Us Apart Regarding Furniture Repair Around Sydney

We believe the restoration and conservation of all antique furniture is vital to their longevity. Maintaining your antique furniture will ensure it stays in good condition for collections and resale purposes.

  • We offer structural repairs, veneer repairs and replacements of all kinds of materials on antique furniture. This includes wood, metal, and other materials.
  • We ensure exact colour matching when restoring your vintage furniture, along with doing the finer hand finishing touches. We include wax, oil, and French Polish finishes to furniture that require it.
  • Depending on the condition, leather and other materials can undergo restoration or replacement.


The Importance Of Furniture Restoration Near Sydney

With our extensive knowledge about the restoration and conservation of furniture and objects, we aim to ensure all vintage furniture gets the right treatment for it to last longer.

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  • We aim to preserve the original finishes of the items. We further focus on preserving the finer details and patina while cleaning and improving furniture.
  • We take antique lacquer work (such as Chinoiserie) and gliding into consideration when working on any antique furniture with those features.
  • We carry out proper surface cleaning on all non-wooden objects during the repair process.

Along with our basic services, we can provide written and photographic documentation of the work we carry out; we offer to restore contemporary furniture, and we offer advice on how to care for your antique furniture correctly.


What You Stand To Gain When You Use Nikolaus Teply Restorations

At Nikolaus Teply Restorations, we believe that every piece of furniture is a work of art with its own story to tell. We aim to preserve the unique history of all furniture and objects that we receive. We offer to pick up and deliver your furniture to ensure convenience. We do on-site restorations and upholstery repairs and replacements. Nikolaus Teply Restorations offers you the opportunity to design and create fine custom furniture. We take pride in our services and aim to become one of the best furniture restorers in Sydney.

Since 2002, Nick Teply has worked on restoring wooden furniture and objects, including mirrors, sculptures and clocks, and always includes the element of conservation in the restoration process.

We can give you an estimate after we have received images and description of the furniture; however, we prefer to see the item before giving a formal quotation. You will receive a detailed quote of all costs before we start working on your furniture.

For any further queries or details, you can contact us online or visit us in store.